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Need advice - Struggling so much

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Hi everyone,

For around 13 years I have had very mild HPPD symptoms which have not affected my life in the slightest. I have had a few 'episodes' where things have flared up but all in all I can't say I have been seriously affected by the condition.

Recently however I went through a series of very stressful events, and my symptoms have gone from being completely unnoticeable (honestly, I didn't even think about them for at least 4/5 years), to me being in absolute hell every day. Severe VS over everything/trails/light sensitivity/afterimages/DP/DR. I'm really struggling to function - I do not have a moment's respite and every day is an absolute battle. I can barely work and any sort of relaxation is impossible. Not sleeping well at all. I cannot believe I have ended up in this state after having zero symptoms for years and years.

So I guess I'm looking for advice. I need some hope that things will settle down but I just feel absolutely trapped in this vicious cycle of stress > vision > DP/DR > stress > vision...

Has anyone else experienced severe flare ups of a similar nature? Any advice?

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Maybe you temporarily need some sort of benzodiazepines that'd help you to deal with the anxiety. I can also recommend, once again, temporarily, something like Zopiclone for sleep.

Do you have a doctor you can talk to about your issues? You don't have to bring the HPPD up if it doesn't feel comfortable. Also, finding a therapist to talk to should help. I have two myself.

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im pretty sure none of the psychiatrists where i live would prescribe me with zopiclone even if i told them i get 100 panic attacks a day. they wouldn't even prescribe me xanax i believe

i have lexotanil which is also a benzo but moderate

about therapist yeah im actually in the proccess of finding one

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