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I took a 12 hour meth binge on Sunday and injected .3g of meth smoked weed and when i smoked the reefer is when i started hallucinating pretty hard not like psychotic break hard but id say pretty close to a acid trip hard..er some backstory first, this was my first time doing meth and i was doing it to get over heroin withdrawls other than the hard drugs i used to be a heavy smoker and still smoke up until i started hallucinating but not nearly as much recently and i tripped acid 3 times but didn’t experience any extreme hallucinations  and also never did more than 2 tabs at a time never did mdma or meth up until this point... Back to the story well i started tripping hard and i was like cool i didnt know that could happen with meth, well the tripping didnt stop it got more mild but its still there and here i am tuesday 9pm hoping ill wake up tomorrow and either it will be completely gone or at least diminished. I feel my case is unique tho because I havent seen or heard of anybody on here that got HPPD from meth and weed also Ive had slight auditory hallucinations as well idk if thats a symptom of this or not. But its been 2 days im preparing myself for a good year of this cus HPPD seems pretty accurate to my symptoms excluding those 2 i mention earlier of course. Anyways seeing as how ill prob be a new brother to the clergy i had some questions for you guys/girls.

1.Should I expect the symptoms to get better or worse (Im not using any substances anymore not even drinkin) 

2. Is it safe to drive with these visuals? 

3. Whats a good timeline that the intensity of the symptoms will diminish? Im guessing anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.


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Since no one else has responded I'll give you my two cents. I am really a beginner in this myself but have read a lot so you'll just have to take it for what it is. I know one of the more frustrating things is the need to communicate with others that are going through this and not being able to, so that's why I am replying.

My Visual Snow Syndrome/HPPD started about 14 months ago, with some minor visual distorsions. Hadn't done any other drugs but cannabis - been a heavy smoker for the past 4-5 years - for about a 6 months before that. Also been on different anti-depressants, benzos, sleeping pills. About 1.5 yrs before my symptoms started I had done loads of psychedelics, ketamine, speed, MDMA, etc. So it's impossible for me to say what has triggered my symptoms, since I've done so many different things, but the question was if meth and cannabis could trigger HPPD? I would say definitely. You might get VSS/HPPD. Cannabis use seems to be very common among those that have VSS, even though it supposedly is not a key indicator, while some research says it is. For me I just think it is a mix of a lot of different things. A lot of bad stress, bad mental health, drugs, pharmaceuticals, etc.

1. Staying of drugs and really any substances, like meds, nicotine, caffeine seems to heal some people up.

2. I drive. Have to be careful during low light conditions though.

3. Impossible to say. Stay clean, stay healthy, focus on activities, that's what helps me. Got a bit of OCD so keeping my mind off this is really hard, so I am thinking that the best thing for me is to try help others in a similar situation as me.

Another good recommendation is to try to find your baseline. It motivates you to live healthy. 

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