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Are these symptoms of psychosis, or just the perceptual changes of HPPD?

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So, its been a while since i'v logged onto this site, not to be rude, was kinda hoping i would never have to again.

What happened: i just tried to get away from it all, i tried to ignore HPPD, DPDR, and all the other issues i was facing, but discovered that i would continue to ponder and question my mental state, reality, and the nature of existence no matter what. So, f**k it, i came back for maybe one or two more posts.

I'm experiencing the same symptoms i described in earlier posts which are:

- Feeling as though the reality im typing this and posting this in right now doesnt exist and is all a hallucination in my head created by a psychotic break and LSD, and that im still in the RV i took LSD in

- Persistent Deja Vu throughout the day, ranging from mild to extreme in intensity

- Visual Disturbances from HPPD (visual snow, after images, spots, trails, floaters, etc)

- DPDR (derealization)

- Brain Zaps

The first in this list of symptoms is the one that i want to focus on, as im not sure whether its just HPPD in the form of flashbacks of my 1st trip, including smells, sensations, everything, or if its a symptom of Drug Induced Psychosis, or Schizoaffective disorder (this type in particular due to the fact my father had it, i wasnt aware until after the times i tripped)

Im just so confused. I attempted to call Dr. Abraham, but he wasn't at the phone then, so i left a message. I'm seeing a psychiatrists regularly now and we're currently trying anti-depressants (currently Mirtazapine) then we'll move onto anti-psychotics, they cant prescribe me Benzodiazapines and i'v tried Lamotrigine, which made me even more depressed than i normally am. Im just- I want answers, but there doesnt seem to be any, can someone hopefully give me some insight on why i feel like im in a hallucination? At times, all i wanna do is wake back up in that RV so i can feel like im back in true reality.

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