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Eye Problem


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Hello people,

I need your help finding if anyone had or has this issue.

I have this issue for like 8 years, and went several doctors but no one discover what it is. They say my eyes are healthy. I've done MRI and no problems too..

SO the problem is: I kinda see ghosts in images and stuff. Here is a perfect image of what it is ( See it upside down, vertical ghosting) : https://i.imgur.com/IHWBflS.png I see more than this. It's very noticeble at night, during the day I barely notice. If i'm indoor I can notice more.The more far i am from for example this letter, the more ghost I see. The closer I am, less I see.

Can anyone pls tell me what is this stuff ?

Thanks guys

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I have the same problem, which came at the same time as I got VS/HPPD. First I was unable to see what you meant with the picture because I thought it was my own ghosting.

The medical term is diplopia.

My eyes are healthy too and MRI is clean.

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