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How I Return to Smoking Marijuana Without Panic

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To tell you the truth, it's not just for marijuana, but for everything that makes you anxious. I improved my symptoms after taking Risperidone, but even after treatment, I suffered too much with anxiety. All my life I was really anxious, but when I had HPPD I reached an extremely high anxiety spike where I even thought about the possibilities that I did not exist. I had dp / dr, I thought I was getting schizophrenic and things like that. To this day I WAS kind of neurotic. WAS ... in the past. I have a little social phobia, I'm too ashamed to do things in public, and besides I suck at most sports. But I began to realize that whenever I had to do some physical exercise that would make me tired, I felt completely at ease. Anxious thoughts, mainly related to the symptoms of HPPD disappear and the impression it gives is that the visual distortions also disappear. For perhaps much of what you see is the result of your paranoia, which makes you pay attention to things that may not even exist, but that you are fully convinced that it is, since your attention is totally turned to that. But when you are doing an activity that makes you move the body you are distracted 100%. A tired head and bodies after a pleasurable activity does not create disturbing or neurotic sensations or thoughts. So I strongly recommend that you practice some sport, or other physical activity. If you are afraid, or have any other discomfort with exercise you have to do away from home (just like me), start doing at home. I started to just run. I ran around the house (I live in a small apartment ... imagine), then I decided to learn to dance steps of reggae and house music and after I get very tired after doing this, I light a joint and travel. No bad thoughts, no paying attention, or noticing any reappearance of HPPD symptoms

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