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So I went to a neurologist and she prescribed me this. My symptoms I described to her are halos, blue field, rippling visual snow effect in the sky, and a lot more. She said that I changed the chemicals in my brain (obvi) but she said everything I described isn’t shocking or out of the norm to her (meaning she’s heard it all before). She told me to take this prescription to reset my brain and hopefully over time my brain will learn not to see the things I see. (My hppd if that’s what it even is is very mild). I was wondering if anyone ever tried this and what their outcome is. I’m terrified to make myself worse but for some reason I feel more hopeful that this is going to work for me. 

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Also she gave me this because she believes what happened to me is a vascular reason. I can’t tell you exactly what she said bc she said mdma (which is what I took) causes this problem. She was very knowledgeable about this and even told me this medication helped another patient of hers with visual snow. 

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Been over a week on this medication, could use some feed back if anyone has tried this. I am mentally struggling to continue as I am anxious and I believe I am noticing my symptoms more bc I am looking for them. Can’t tell if they are worse or if I am becoming more aware again. Help lol 

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