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John Smith

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Actually, I've read many complaints about fatigue on the old message board. The best way to combat it is exercise. Just like ppl w/o hppd do. It's so hard to get motivated so just force yourself to get going. 15 min. into your exercise you'll start feeling more alert and I'll notice the harder I exercise, or do physical labor, the more energy I have throughout the day. I know many ppl oppose caffeine, but I purposely drink coffee or a redbull and take a multi B vitamin to get me amped up. Then I feel I need to get rid of the anxiety by exercise and I feel great at the end.

I choose to do manual labor for work. It helps me so much w/ all the anxiety symptoms and by the end of the day it's nice to take a warm shower and relax w/ my extra cash.

Also I've noticed if the previous day I worked or exercised alot, I'm not bothered by anxiety symptoms as much that day. I basically have to go to battle against my own anxiety demons to calm them down. There's alot of tricks you eventually learn to live a rather good life w hppd. You just can't be one of those ppl who say I'll do it tomorrow..you have to get your ass up and work to feel better (not that you don't lol) later!!

One last thing, I take depakote, klonopin, and clonidine, plus melatonin, all these make me feel like a zombie in the morning, so if I can do it anybody can....

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Just wonderin if it's common...not too many people seem to complain about it here, but it's really one of my most annoying symptoms

This has been one of my worst symptoms. The more I push, the worse it gets. Doctors have told me to rest and take lots of naps. I notice, that physical work is much less tiring and does helps lift spirits. But here too there are limitations. The Sinemet gives more motivation and clearer thinking but not sure if it helps energy. Antiseizures (Gabapentin and Klonopin) definitely help energy and cognition. But again things are limited.

Caffeine has no effect. No more or less energy. I can drink expresso and take a nap

In summary, mental work is 2 hours / day max. Physical work is 3 hours, sometimes 4 on a great day. Naps can extend a little (in spite of the interruption) but never fully like starting in the morning. Kind of like being 95 years old.

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Visual, Gabepentin helps your energy. I was taking Lyrica and had to stop because it was making me fall asleep while driving.

I thought they were pretty similiar drugs idk. My friend said the same thing about gabepentin giving him huge bursts of energy until he got tolerant to it. I'll give that med a try.

Opiates actually give me more energy then anything, but of course that's not the way to go (i do anyways though). Take care!

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Yes, the two meds are somewhat similar.

Also, opiates numb pain but for some they are stimulating. If I take tramadol, hydrocodone, or oxycodone before bed - get bad insomnia. But if I start low amounts (1/4 pill) in the morning and afternoon, then the bedtime dose is less likely to keep me awake.

Most people who take antiseizure meds have drowsiness issues. For me, parts of the brain are overactive. By calming these down, it leave more energy to live life. Initially I had to take 1800 mg Gabapentin each day. Now it is usually 300 mg. If I take 1800 mg now, then I'll suffer as you describe - apparently something has healed in the old gray matter. Perhaps one day I'll need none, a goal I do reach for.

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