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Exercise & HPPD

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I've read on countless posts that exercise has helped a lot of people. But for me, exercise makes my symptoms MUCH worse. Both visually and mentally. Even on a brief walk, my symptoms increase exponentially and I get that 'heat wave' effect in the middle of my vision, which I find the most distressing. It's almost completely stopped me from skiing, which Ive grown up doing, because it gets so bad. Is there any types of exercise that might not aggrivate it so much that would be beneficial for me? That might stimulate brain growth and make me healthier? Thank you so much! 

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Hey man, just try pushing through it, if you read one of my posts about exercise I was really into it before hppd but then after my symptoms all came it was the worst feeling whenever I tried working out and running but after a good consistent two weeks of doing it everyday for a few hours the effects it had on my hppd kinda just went away for the most part, and I’ll have to say it definitely makes me feel better now after working out, just like livin with it everyday you gotta keep pushing forward

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