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Hey guys, so im just trying to gather some information on some meds supplements, as my psychiatrist is unwilling to prescribe any amount of any benzodiazepine.


Does anybody have any experience using phenibut? Thinking of buying some and using maybe once a week. 


Also does anybody have any experience using research chemical benzodiazepines such as Etizolam which are still unscheduled? I know effects would probably be identical to other benzodiazepines but maybe someone here has tried Etizolam personally. :)




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Hey maybe you need the right doctor... I contacted Dr. Abraham via email and he gave me a list of docs.... the one I saw was named Dr. Stephen Locke in Wayland Mass. and he referred me to someone closer and they both collaborate to give me best treatment options. Finally someone took me serious and allowed me on benzodiazepines. I know its a bit risky but when your life is going to shit because of this illness, its a good crutch to lean on while I get my shit together. I'm 25 now but yeah when I was like 18-19 I tried phenibut and Etizolam. Etizolam does work but it didn't feel as clean as traditional benzos like basically I was having nasty side effects especially not being able to remember things was more pronounced than lets say taking something like Klonopin. But it did work for visuals. Phenibut on the other hand worked similar to gabapentin where it did a lot for my social anxiety but did not help with visuals at all. 

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I sometimes do Phenibut. It helps for anxiety and sleep problems. But it didn't do anything for the visual symptoms.

Regarding Etizolam I have no experience. But I would advice you to get the "real" Benzos if you want to try that, because they are probably more safe to use. Please be very careful about Benzos. They can be extremly hard to quit and you should probably try to recover on your own.

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