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Social anxiety


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Hello everyone . My name i Lucas and i am new here .At the beginning I would like to apologize for my poor English.

I have HPPD for about 4 years now . And i want ask you what is the best med ( suplement maybe) for social anxiety / depresion  , that will not make my symptoms worse  ?

I have been on SSRI (escitalopram,) 5mg, only for  5 days  and i wish i haven't . It increase my every symptom ! I cant take any ssri . i also tried 5htp but it make symptoms worse , I tried wellbutrin  for about one month but it do nothing to my social anxiety  and my self confidence . 

Which medicine will be good for it and dont increase hppd ? selegiline maybe ?

I also want to try cognitive-behavioral therapy .

Benzos doing a great job for me , it calm my anxiety i am more social and improve my hppd but i only use it 1-2  time per week .

My hppd symptoms : mild visual snow , palinopsia , flickering vision , starbrust , floaters , brain fog ,sometimes DR . I accept it and i can live with it pretty normal .

Grettings from Poland , 


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