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Im not quite sure if it's related but figured id ask, for those of you who were big into exercise as i was before hppd, how has it effected your stamina, the distance you can run and at what speed. i only ask because before hppd i was running around 4 miles a day at 8-9 minute miles, as well as lifting for about two hours after. but after all the symptoms of hppd hit me i barely am able to run 1 mile at like 10 minutes, not to mention my heart rate sky rockets as soon as i begin running, probably sits at 175 bpm, when it use to stay at 110-120 running at faster speeds and for a longer duration.

i'd say my biggest conflict is the heart rate, i get incredibly winded faster than usual and my head pressure comes on worse as well as after images and other shitty symptoms, just curious if this happens to anyone else, and if after time and continuous exercise it goes away and begins to calm down and revert back to normal.


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well just in case anyone else runs into the same problem as me ill do a little bit of an update.

after about 3 or 4 days in a row i have noticed quite a change in the difficulties in running, i can do a solid 2 miles maybe 3 on a good day with little head pressure now, but it still makes my after images a bitch and a half but manageable, and as for the heart rate, its still a fairly high but now it sits about 15 bpm lower than it was at a bit faster speeds.

so all in all, im happy that its improving as running and lifting use to be my way of clearing my head.

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