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My HPPD is gone!


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About a half a year ago, after a trip, I started having symptoms of HPPD. I had visual snow, and huge starbursts at night. I saw lots of BFEP, I had an intense amount of floaters in my vision, and I could hardly look at any light, or tv screen, or (god forbid) projected PowerPoint presentation without getting horrible afterimages. I had bad denationalization, and I constantly had the feeling that I was living in a dream world, and was having constant panic attacks.

After two months most of the denationalization had faded away, but I still had the afterimages, and floaters, and other visual symptoms. 

After another month, I noticed that I could look at lights, and the afterimages would fade much more quickly. I also noticed that the floaters were only visible in bright light, they were previously visible in even a dimly lit room. 

Another month later and I could hardly see the floaters anymore. I barely got afterimages, and could drive in the dark without getting bothered. I could look at screens, and don't see swimming dots. I hardly see floaters anymore, unless I look at a white wall or blank sky.

I didn't do much specifically to aid in my recovery. I tried out some supplements recommended on this board (lions mane, ginkgo, b vitamins, fish oil). I didn't notice any difference until months after I started taking them, and have since stopped, and not noticed any symptoms returning. I don't think they helped me with my recovery, but I can't be sure, because I was taking them at that time. 

During the entire time since I got HPPD I have not done any illicit substances at all. I have drunk alcohol however, and have had many weekend nights when I was drunk. This had a negative effect, at the beginning, but after I got over the denationalization, I didn't notice any increase in negative effects from drinking

I think that it was mostly time that helped me get cured. It took about 4 months from the time my symptoms started till I could say I felt normal again. I count myself extremely lucky that things improved as quickly as they did

I have been away from this website for a while. After the first three months I was able to handle my life without using this website. I would not have come back, except that I wanted to post about my good news. When I first started reading this site, I was scared, and reading positive results like this made me feel less terrified. For those of you who are like me a half year ago, it's been a few weeks and you're still seeing thing, just know that some people do recover. 

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7 minutes ago, whyohwhy said:

Were you taking any medication to aid your progress/help with the symptoms or did you abstain from using any form of pharmaceutical drugs? 

I didn't take anything except the supplements I listed. I tried to get a prescription at one point for anti anxiety medication, but the doctor I saw was not open to it. Now that my symptoms have gone away without medication, I'm happy i didn't take anything. 

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