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I think I have HPPD of some sort and need help


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Hello there, I'll get right to it. The main thing I am worried about is my symptoms getting worse to the point where I can't function. Right now I have trails and some visual snow that's not too bad. I'm worried these symptoms will get worse over time even if I stay sober and healthy and I'll be screwed forever.


Any advice on what to do and how to deal with this would be much appreciated. I am in college and need to keep my grades good but my anxiety about this is deterring from that.

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Hey there Zander,

How long has it been since your HPPD has set in? Typically things gradually improve over the course of a few months - until you get to your baseline, which is the point that your HPPD hits a point where it stays the same.

If you smoke weed at all, i'd recommend that you stop - any drug use will cause your symptoms to become significantly worse.

If you really need some relief from your symptoms for a short while, you can always see your family doctor and have some ativan prescribed to you, just don't get too heavy into them, they're only a temporary solution to help you adjust to your new set of symptoms.

Other then that, if you continue to live healthy habits, your HPPD should only improve over time.

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Yeah it really took me about 2 months to stabilize, but you will adjust soon enough. For what it's worth I wasn't able to leave my room for like a week after mine started.

Did your trails appear well after your last trip? Or did your trip lead right into your HPPD? For me I was tripping, went to bed, and then woke up the next morning still tripping, and haven't really stopped since.


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Yeah it's quite common for people to develop HPPD weeks and months later.

Certainly wait a couple of months and see how things go. If you can, abstain from using any form of benzodiazepine until your sure that you've hit your baseline, as using a benzodiazepine before then can confuse your senses into what your baseline actually is - causing you to think things are getting worse when they are not.

If perhaps, 6 to 8 months down the road, you feel like you'd like to try out some medications to help you, you can check out my thread regarding available medications below - although I would recommend sticking it out for as long as you can without medications and seeing if you can recover naturally. Good luck :)


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Oh christ no, you'll learn to adapt. For me i've certainly had to make some changes to my life - but I have used this as an experience to redirect my life in a slightly different direction. 

For what it's worth, I take 1000mg of Keppra a day, which really helps me with my depersonalization and derealization. 

Give yourself time - it could take years, but youl get better. Just keep your nose clean, if you know what I mean.

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