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Recreational Gabapentin?


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1 hour ago, Jagermeister said:

It's the fist time I've read about take Gabapentin with recreatonal pourposes.

It's the first time too I've heard about benzos worseniing HPPD symptoms, so, I don't understand nothing ?

I was saying Benzos don't make HPPD worse, I was mentioning it as an example of a drug that doesn't make HPPD worse. Gabapentin is definitely a recreational drug, it's just harder to use if you don't know how to(If you take a lot at once, it basically does nothing, have to space out dosages).

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I've used gabapentin recreationally in combination with diazepam  last week with awesome results, it did not affect my visuals from what i can tell, i just got slightly carried away and used it for 7 days in a row and that caused some definite rebound anxiety which in turn worsen symptoms for a couple days, so remember don't abuse anything even though it doesn't worsen you symptoms, also a lot of the visuals seem to be caused directly by anxious thoughts so just try your best to ignore them and remember YOU WILL GET BETTER!

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