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Update on my HPPD (or lackthereof?)

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Hey all, so i was quite worried these past few months that I was slowly developing HPPD, due to a number of visual disturbances that increased in frequency and what not, but I can successfully say that it has either disappeared or was a figment of my imagination/anxiety.

So to start, I have never experienced Visual snow, DP, DR, micro or macropesia, any kind of color distortions, not halos around objects (just lights) and NO closed eye visuals. So that in an of itself should have told me it was not HPPD, but who knows.

Anyhow, the few things I have experienced were tracers, what I thought were afterimages, and ghosting of streetlights/halos/starbursts. As of now, during the day I notice absolutely nothing wrong in my vision. At night, after staring at a computer screen for a while, I tend to notice some ghosting, but I have figured out that my starbursts and what not were both normal, or a byproduct of my now diagnosed nearsightedness. Turns out my afterimages are normal as well. They only occur on lights, no objects. Tracers have also been found to be a result of my anixety. I think that my anxiety made them worse, and now I realize if I wave my hand in front of my face a .25 second tracer is normal, nothing to be concerned about.

So I am here to let you all know, you should reconsider mild HPPD, and know that it could be a byproduct of you just looking for it. However, I recognize it is definitely real. Though, as a result of this experience, I will never do any drug outside or weed or alcohol ever again.

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