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New bright spots in vision, almost like visual aura from migrane, e.i almost blinding spots. Visual snow symptom?

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Hello, I've had HPPD for 2 years and 6 months now, been a lurker to the forum! My symptoms include afterimages, intense visual snow, moving patterns on walls, lava lamp effect at night, tinnitus.

But 3 days ago, I was laying in my bed, checking the wall to see how intense my visual snow currently was (very anxious all of the time, even after over 2 years I still get paranoid about the symptoms and stare at them, hoping for them to go away, it sucks.) and I noticed 3 bright-ish spots that look like regular visual snow spots, but bigger and brighter. I got very anxious and today, they're still here, but more intense, which doesn't help my anxiety. 


I think we've all noticed brighter VS-spots appearing here and there, but they usually go away? or am I alone in this? Well this time, these 3 spots that form a triangle in my vision, don't go away. Has anybody experienced this? is this visual snow or is this completely separate from HPPD? Any help appreciated.

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On 8/23/2018 at 5:15 AM, Johnlouxsw said:

Are u taking any medication for your hppd?

I am not "on" a medication for HPPD per say, but I do take 1mg klonopin when my anxiety goes through the roof, probably about once a week, and it usually helps me. 

Other than that I take nothing for my HPPD

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