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Controllable HPPD

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Hello guys,

i already posted a bit of this text as a guest, (also DTrooper), just thought let´s make a new topic to introduce myself:

...I´m 19 years Old, male, born in spain living in germany now...I have a Job, a Flat, everything´s going well....Before 2 Months i tripped some LSD...i think (really don´t know) i also have HPPD, after taking lsd 2 times...it´s not like you think, everything is (almost) normal...i can cause flashbacks when i want and stop them when i want....it´s really strange, if i stare at a grafitti, nothing happens...if i wish myself it should move it does...if i wish myself it should stop, it stop´s.... I can control it completely....I just lived a month like always, without making a flashback, now after a month without flashbacks i still can cause them, but how said i can completely control it....So i´m really lucky about that i can control it, i won´t take it anymore, i don´t have to, i can cause it anytime i want, and stop it anytime i want...sounds stupid, you may won´t believe, i had alot of luck.....anyways i know it could have been worse, just fucking happy about it all happened like this, i won´t take hard drugs anymore.

I only tripped LSD twice, after first taking i just got HDDP on my Grafitti-wall:

two days after my first trip i still saw the grafitti moving...i just thought ok just a wall, it will go away...

the second trip got me to my level now:

i can cause Flashs when i want, just noticed it a week after consuming.

seriously i´m not annyoed by it because it doesn´t influences me, if i dont´want the flash it doen´t comes, i dont wake up and instantly a flash is starting, everything is normal like always just that i can give myself a flash...

i´m going crazy about this, just have to realize its HPPD, maybe it will get worse, who knows.

So here´s the list of my symptoms:

Flashback only starts if i wish myself a flashback.

I can stop it immediatly when i want.

The Flashback causes:

Flag-movíng, (also to music)

Kind of "doubling" the object.

Kind of looking deeper and deeper to the object.

No changes on hearing music, or intensed colours

No depersonalization, Floaters or derealization.

No changes about my charakteristics, just asked my friends everything like always, i also feel like always.

No Panik-attacks or anything like that.

It´s moving like this:


I only have Visual aftereffects from it, nothing else....

I will consider a NeuroDoc in the next week, hopefully theyll know what is going on...

Anyone having the same?....

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Avoid hard drugs? 100%, i´ve got enough from the fucking drugs....I´m still smoking weed(since 2 years everyday now), but that doen´s influences much. ( it´s easyer to cause the flash on a stoney or drunk only )...i will jump the doc, i´m feeling great, i even can say i´m happier then ever before....So i just looked alot of the posts and themes here, but i dont see anyone having my symptomps..(visuals and so on sure, but no "switch-effect")

i want information on this, because i cant imagine how it should work after seeing all others that can´t influence their HPPD-"Trip"....I have to say, i always only tooked a half "Ticket", and only tooked it twice.....

On my second Trip i just wished myself,( i´m foolish), that my wall also should move AFTER the trip....so yeah a week after my flash i tryed to "let the wall move" and it worked....so i just tested all my symptoms....first i tried it out on the wall, it started to move.....then the wall again, this time with music...the symstomps are influenced by the music, funny :D....then i tried it at real normal situations, like at work or in the city..at work i also could cause them...but i cant cause flashs in the city, because i cant do visuals on so much moving people.....if i´m walking i can´t flash myself, only if i stand still or sit it works....

if someone in my room is moving, i can´t cause a flash, only if there´s really low movement around....so after noticing that i can control it, i just informed on the net and landed here.....i just read the first time HppD and didn´t know what it was......so after reading alot of topics, i wasn´t sure what i had....maybe a psychosys, produced by me or really HPPD...but i can´t call it annoying or bad like others here....maybe some of you wake up and instanly have their symptoms, ( I couldn´t hold that pressure, respect to you, seriously) but i´m not having that.....after the LSD-trip i noticed the depersonalization, but it went after a day (which i´m really happy about, a part of me was missing, a really bad feeling)...

I´m sorry that i´m just talking about my symptoms, but i want this clear :D.....So anyways, if you believe it or not, i´m happy i did this, i´m happy how it ended, i like my symptoms, i´m serious, i like them....if i wouldn´t be able to control them i would kill myself, seriously, i can´t understand how some of you can hold that all...

I´m sure like you said before, if i wouldn´t care about it, it would go away....but i don´t want it to go away :D

I´will try next month to stop smoking weed and coffee, alc and nikotin, to see if i can cause them still after the "cleanage" :D


I´m really happy that this forum exists, i didn´t found better help, information and honest people then here, great community :D

If you made it down here, thanks for reading, and don´t forget, every opinion is important :D !.

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i had what you had in a way. i would only get slight acid-like movements and warping and i could make it happen when i wanted it to. then i kept doing exctacy and more symptoms developed. be careful with weed too though - if you notice any symptoms develop in the long run stop smoking weed. although, you should be fine either way.

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