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Need advice regarding new symptoms.

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I`m glad to see there is a support network up and running for HPPD sufferers again, I used to post on the old site as "CleebridgeFinest".

I`ve had HPPD for well over 10 years, all the visual aspects; after images/snow etc and the `psychological` aspects like DP/DR and anxiety.

I semi got used to having HPPD, and then about 3 years ago I developed Eustachian tube dysfunction which is a relatively benign although irritating condition when the ears `pop` every time you swallow. Then about a year ago after a cold the noise got much louder and out of madness/desperation I decided to take a bath and `douche` the Eustachian tube by inhaling up my nose the water as hard as I could(I really forced it up), Immediately I felt a sensation/slight pain in the my forehead just above the eyes(where the frontal cavity is) where I think I forced the water up into. Then between a few hours to a week later I started to get weird symptoms which were; most obvious a very pronounced light sensitivity where any light source is now overwhelmingly bright and often forms a weird plasma effect, I feel tired all the time(no matter how much I sleep), and I have constant brain fog and can`t think as clearly.

I know its the obvious thing to bundle them all in with HPPD but for the whole time I had HPPD I never had these symptoms and with the timing how immediately they followed the (in hindsight idiotic) snorting of water into my sinuses.

I have been to several Specialists as well as about 5 Doctors and they all insist it couldn`t have possibly been caused by the snorting up of water but I can`t convince myself otherwise.

Does anyone have any thoughts or perhaps common experiences of this or any advice?

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