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Scholarly reference for Sinemet?

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If you are looking for papers that say Sinemet helps HPPD - none exist. About all that is stated for this disorder is Klonopin.

But you can find hundreds of medical articles showing that dopamine is intimately involved in visual processing and perception. Most of these databases require subscriptions to access but often you can get needed info from just the abstracts.

Perhaps you could contact David Kozin for info. Also Dr Abraham. But it is only rumored that they are exploring dopamine agonists to help your condition. Until they publish papers to this affect, and then peers review them (I'd expect 10 to 20 years for this to happen), it depends on the nature of your doctor.

If your doctor ONLY wants the info as you stated above, then it ain't going to happen. But if he is willing to look at the very nature of visual perception (and "medical/peer-reviewed scholarly sources" about that), he should cooperate.

It would be helpful if you list all your symptoms of HPPD. Have you tried any meds so far?

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