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What is your Body mass index?


What is your BMI  

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  1. 1. What is your BMI?

    • <18.5
    • 18.5 - 25
    • 25 - 30
    • >30

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 As I experience some reduction in symptoms, i wonder if weight really affects the whole disorder in its roots, or just the symptoms. 

My theory would be:


-less weight is less pressure on potentially pinched nerves, making them decrompessed over time.

-less weight means better nighttime: you dont force your bed and matress with your weight: makes sleep comfortable: good for sleep

-less weight means your less upperbody fat: that means that your body does not need to wear a heavy head etc: good for posture: good for pinched nerves: good for hppd recovery


So this poll is not intended to link your bmi with 'getting' hppd, but with the recovery from it. 




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