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what medication should I reccomend I be on to my physiatrist

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HI I am new to this site and I'm going to the physiatrist soon and I need help on what to recommend that I take. I have been seeing that kreppa or kept really wrks upwards of 70% of symptoms are gone I juts want to be back to ym old self and leaving my house again and having fun with friends. Ive been dealing with this for over a year with my condition only getting worse I really need change , I'm am very tired of waking up every morning feeling this way and the headaches are unbearable anymore. If you have anything that would help me with my journey please feel free to comment thanks so much!

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I'm not experient but I'll tell some stuff that I read on this site. As I could see caffeine, gluten and glutamate can make your symphtons worse by locking your neuroreceptors or something like this. There's a relate too that says that headaches medicines are not very good. And thiamine seems like one of the most helpful suplements. I personally have a better night when I take some vitamins before sleeping. I'll link the posts that explains this better haha


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