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A little bit of a hippy dippy explaination on HPPD... But...?

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Hi there,

So I was at work a while ago, and my coworker showed me a book that was talking about various natural remedies etc etc.

I was politely flicking through nodding as she was telling me about this as one does when they're not overly interested in something another person is interested in. However what did catch my eye was when it started talking about common ailments, and their causes. Some of you may have seen something very similar before, it was not the first time I had seen this.

It would give literal, physical or social causes for medical problems. Some of them were completely bogus, some of them seemed a bit more legit. For example Aids was magically caused by 'x' (the answer might be feelings of isolation or like your life is falling apart, I can't actually remember). Often the illness was a physical manifestation of the 'cause' which was described usually as a mental or social problem - not as a scientific explaination (such as they had sex with the wrong person).

Like I say, some caught my eye, others didn't. One that did catch my eye however was the explaination for tinitus. Apparently the cause for people getting tinitus is due to people being closed minded and unwilling to listen to the ideas and opinions of others.

I'm not sure what I make of that, but it did resonate within me (gedd'it?). I thought about it a little, and then applied the same to HPPD. By the same rationale, the cause for HPPD (or perhaps other forms of blindness/visual impairment) are because people are being closed minded and unwilling to see the greater picture of things. I am quite spiritual myself, and I do believe in something far more, as I am sure many on here who've taken acid and fallen in love with it's sheer beauty will also be. The trip that gave me HPPD was an absolute trainwreck, where I took like 4x the most I'd ever taken in one go before that. It was really stupid and I was so naieve. Maybe it's possible I saw something, something big... Like God (although I have actually seen God in other situations while sober, once after getting a blessing from a monk that made me fully believe, due to me spending a small portion of that evening in heaven, I mean, literally, bliss. No me, no ego, no world, just bliss, I was it, it was me, like a water drop becoming part of the ocean, complete love, however this is a different subject) and have never been able to accept that in my waking life. It seems odd that one experience would terrify me, and another would liberate me.


Anyway I'm curious what your thoughts are.


Also worth mentioning:  I don't cry, not properly, I haven't in years. I have PTSD and really struggle to feel anything, nevermind open myself up to the vulnerability that is crying. At one point my best friend died, and I was able to let out a small cry - a real one. When I did this my PTSD went away for like, half an hour (I felt confident and beautiful again), as did my HPPD, not long after it all came back and everything kinda sucked again, but it was definitely interesting both went away at once. This was 2.5 years ago now, since then I've been able to have a small emotional cry on 2 other occasions, and the same thing was true.

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