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Hey all, what is your experience with reading text in a book with hppd? I have seen words on my computer screen kind of move a little, def no visual snow or anything. Do words move all around when u all read, like move multiple lines, or how do they Appear to you

P.s there is no swirling of text in a textbook, only like a computer background, even then only late at night

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I decided to join this sight because I wanted help with my difficulty reading... As far as computers go, they are better for some reason. Not to mention I can toggle the size of my browser font in order to deal with the moving letters!!! Also, certain fonts are better than others. It seems like the old fashioned text in older paperback books is harder to read because there is less space between the holes in letters (like the o's in the lowercase E "e", or the o's in the "O"s... that sounded funny!) and more space between the actual letters themselves. I think that letters on TV or computer screens are better because they are combining the actual reds greens and blues that our retinas interpret as all the different colors based on the ratios or intensity of the mixtures. Perhaps this observation could be more evidence in the widely accepted idea that the hallucinations due to psychedelics or HPPD itself are an actual brain physiology issue. It seems like the eyes are working fine in both cases, however, when the information interpreted is broken down or simplified into the simple formulas that our eyes use to make color in the first place, the information is less distorted. What I am trying to say is that simpler input creates simpler output. In this case, the input is color and shade information and the output is my visual perception. Will anyone back me on this? It just seems to me like screens create a more crisp image than actual real life... Like if I take a picture of something and upload it onto my computer it will look more crisp than the actual something does in real life. I haven't tried this but I am going to right now! Perhaps some brighter minds could deduce some physiological explanations for the phenomenon of HPPD through the difference in pixel images versus real life images. Am I the only one who notices this? Some input would be appreciated.

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Oh wow I never even thought of that. You are right, the back-light does make my eyes tired and itchy, but I also have less fatigue because I don't have to focus on putting the words together. A lot of this is probably contributed to the fact that I can increase the size of the lettering, and I am in the process of getting either glasses or corrective surgery (probably glasses because I'm terrified of loosing my vision from an accident during surgery). I am going to try the contrast thing right now... I do set my computer to the lowest brightness setting, and that seems to help with my reading stamina.

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