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Shaolinbomber- BACK ON THE KLONOPIN!

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So the Sinemet has stopped working it's magic for me now and i've recently had a mega amp-up of dissociation and visual symptoms so I went to my doctor and decided to go back to 1mg/day of Klonopin. It's about 8 hours after my first dose in about 6 months and I have to say that I feel great again. I feel normal. why can't we achieve this state of conciousness without powerful hypnotic/narcotic drugs? uuugghhhh.

Bad times man, I was just thinking yesterday that you had not posted for ages, so i guessed that things must still be going well for you with the simemt. :(

Are you still take it along side the Klonopin?

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When it was helping, you said 1/2 pill was only helpful for a couple hours. Also, you were taking 5-6 tramadol each day.

Were you taking anything else at the time? Have you reduced the tramadol or changed meds?

Can you describe how the effects of Sinemet stopped working? Was it gradual?

If 1mg Klonopin helps, it seems a small price to pay. Have you tried Sinemet with it?

Oh course it would be helpful to understand your experience. A couple members tried Sinemet with zero effect, while others had very possitive results (self included). You seemed to have marginal help, so this is of great interest.

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I still take tramadol daily 400mg (max dose) and I have to take clonidine at night for the withdrawals. I have a shifted pelvis and severe back problems that cause both of my outter thighs to constantly have fire shooting through them and they're numb :(

Just saying this cause tramadol makes you feel like hell after tolerance builds and that quick. Wonder if you were off it if things would of been different. You know more about brain chemistry, pills then me lol just sayin...

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