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New dutch related (facebook) group where you can discuss about your HPPD


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Hey guys,

Fortunately my HPPD symptoms are mostly gone (after roughly 6 years)

I've made a facebook post, (in an anonymous group.) Apparently a lot of people were recognizing a lot of HPPD symptoms i listed into my post, without knowing they were suffering from symptoms of HPPD. The group administrator has made a Dutch related article about HPPD based on my post I've placed there. (https://changingperspective.info/drugsinfo/gids-voor-blijvende-visuele-verstoringen-na-drugs-hppd/)

At this moment there's a huge discussion going on about HPPD in this specifically 'anonymous' Facebook group.

Unfortunately everything is discussed and writed in Dutch language. So in case you're from the Netherlands and wants more knowledge / or discuss about hppd please join the facebook group: Changing perspective.  


*This is not a group that is espescially made for HPPD. This group is based on having discussions about all sort of drugs)

You're required to fill in some questions first before joining the facebook group, (to prevent bots from joining this group)


Hope this will help some people who are still suffering from HPPD.


Best regards,



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We've now created a Facebook group espescially for HPPD only. 

Everyone may join, it doesn't matter if you live outside the Netherlands, but everything will be written in Dutch language though.

If you'd like to join:  All questions / discussions started from people outside the Netherlands will be answered in English language.


Here's a link to our new HPPD related Facebook group. Feel free to join everyone!




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