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Healing brain sensation


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Hello everyone,

I have a strange but helpful sensation in my brain. 

Sometimes it's like a little "clicking/cracking" sensation. 

And there's a "bigger version". It feels like...imagine yourself having a cold and your nose or your ears were full of slime from a cold and suddenly you feel this relieving "opening up" sensation when the slime is not stuck anymore...yes, kind of like that just in my brain and not in my nose or ears and no slime obviously :P

The sensations occur randomly (maybe especially when I'm relaxed) BUT at one night (after one day of fasting btw) with trouble to fall asleep all of the sudden I fell into a halfsleep/halfawake kind of mental state and this "bigger version" came along with directly. I had control over this mental state and when I interrupted it (because I was a little worried about my brain) the sensation disappeared to -> clear relationship between mental state and sensation.

Especially with the big version comes a notable improvement of visual symptoms and derealisation.

Can anyone relate? Any ideas what this could be in a neurological point of view? (I'm going to ask an expert too but since this condition is so rare and not explored well enough I ask you guys too. Maybe you know more.)


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