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symptoms went then came back?

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i think im luvky to be 1 of the people that realised what was going on and went sober for a while early enough to almost get rid of my symptoms, i only got them to begin with early this year! and i completely stopped everythin apart from the odd drink around august? and like a month ago it all was pretty much gone, except for the odd wiggly line, anxiety and insomnia (but nothing compared to the full blown panic attacks id get daily when the trippin would happen yet again, or id lie awake all night with closed eye visuals freakin out), visual snow at night only and that think beginning with p whch is the shapes of things stayin for too long when you look at them wehn u close your eyes so id say im pretty lucky, its nothin compared to how it used to be, although i did make the mistake of smokin a bong (something that was an absolute no no whilst my symptoms were bad, would cause instant panic attack and symptoms that were as strong as actually having taken a tab) and things went abit... growy at me kinda, some breathing/growing of objects and slight c testhanging of colours and felt quite a bad spike of anxiety until i had a beer and chilled :P

but yeahh basically was unbelievably better for a whole month!!! until i went for an eye test... :S

like it was all going fine until the woman shon a light in my eye and asked me to look all the way up, left right and down .... as i looked id see the most crazy like... i dont know i think it may hav been my eyelid :S but maybe not i couldnt figure it out and it really freaked me out it was kinda pinky with like veinyness in it hence the eyelid thought, but the veins were movingg!!!! dmt like visuals almost (from what ive hear never had it) but i was actually lookin at that pattern in my eye it was jus wigglin moving in a hppd way i THINK! if not i was gettin some mad shit lol

but when i left my symptoms had gotten severely worse, i was waiting for my sister to come out as she was after me and i was looking at the floor and it started to like change colour and wiggle around at me and hte darker parts on the tiles were like raised towards me, or lighter parts not sure but u know! and the same with the woven chair behind me, my closed eye patterns were much worse, visual snow was alot worse again, anxiety awful,tried reading my form thing and there was a second green set of font about 5mm above the main 1 very annoying, and all the words just looked.. slanted?

but is it normal for symptoms to be altered by bright light?!?!

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yeah im currently really hungover lol atm its the only time i have any symptoms that actually bother me :) which is good if you ask me

i do try not to get too pissed but im 1 of those people that once i start i just keep drinkin even if i tell myself before hand to take it slow, i never really do

expecially since ive almost quit all drugs now and only really smoke if im drunk or at college and sum1 offers me half or sumit, it means im drinkin at the times when i may normally just get wired for example

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That is what happens during an eye exam. The test causes you to see the back of your eyes, and the veins, and as she moves the light, the veins move as well. Completely normal. Glad you are better, but stop drinking, for the love of God.

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