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CBD/high CBD bud

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So, for the past week or so I've been smoking a strain that's nearly all CBD and (almost) no THC (I think it's about 13% CBD and maybe 1% THC). I smoke it in joint form, usually shortly before bed.

I haven't noticed anything getting better or worse. However, it has done wonders for my insomnia and helps me feel relaxed before I hit the sack. Excellent stress relief.

I have a strain that's nearly 1:1 THC to CBD to try still, so I have no idea how the THC will play into things. Planning on doing that this weekend since this will give me ample recovery time should I have a bad time (I don't expect to though).

Also, the joints I roll tend to be pretty light, about the size of a hand-rolled cigarette.

Also, as a sidenote, I have asthma and the smoke hasn't aggravated it all, usually only if I take a hit that was a little too much. Even then, a few hearty coughs and sips of water later and I'm fine

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If you have HPPD then high THC weed will almost surely mess with your symptoms. Not sure it's worth it but if it works for you then knock yourself out. I'd stick to high CBD strains only but I can't even imagine smoking anyways. I almost bought some CBD tinctures recently but have held off for now since I'm dealing with other health issues. Perhaps I'll revisit in the future though. 

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