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Is hppd and derealization the same thing?

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Im suffering for about 3 years. It took me about the first 6 monthes to google my feelings and slowly figure out what the hell is happening to me. I had no idea what it was. I just woke up one day and realized im hallucinating all the time. I got to the term "depersonalization derealization" googled that more found forums, and youtube videos with people describing how i feel. The thing was i felt really conected to the derealization part but not sure about the depersonalization. 

I got to the term hppd after researching after drug use. Of course i was mixing acid with k and mdma and weed and what not salad in the brain at a festival or two and couple of bush doofs. But only after one extreme festival in Australia 2014

Into couple of months after the festival into stressful work started feeling, i guess - depersenolized and derealized? 



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