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Newbie maybe with hppd. PLEASE READ

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Well, let's get started. Well, as my first post here in the forum, I apologize to the moderators for my bad grammar (text typed in a translator) and if I violate month rules!

Well, I'd rather have all the details, even though they are their own unnecessary. It all started in late May this year when I first tried nbome. I do not know what kind it was, but I knew it was the nbome, and I imagine a dose estimate is 500ug - 1200ug. My first trip was wonderful, I used an entire paper, it was not so visual, it was very introspective, but it gave a good laugh. Being a novice and reckless, I used a stamp one more week after this incident. No trip, just a very light appearance, nothing more. The third trip was about two weeks later, the trip was also not strong, I imagine the quality of the seal was poor. Two months later, no beginning of August, I used a newer stamp, a trip for more than the first visual hallucinations and all the possible changes, at the height of the effect that I started a bad trip to my surprise, is not hope! But this is not a task, managed to get out of it precisely because I thought it was just an effect of the drug, which are brief would pass and would come back to seize, then it was. At the end of the same week, I was aware that this would be my last trip, with no effects, I'm only awake at night. Arriving in the last week of September, on the evening of Monday, September 25, to be exact, I began to irritate myself very easily, an inexplicable experience, I did not know what was happening. I remember going out the door of my room and looked at a corridor wall and there, waves of heat and visual patterns on the wall, terror overwhelmed me! I tried to calm myself down, with some success this was possible. The next day, I tried to see what it might be, no beginning, I thought it was abstinence, but if it was, I would feel it again, which was not the case. I'm the only one I can do is distract myself with something, play a game or talk to a person (the latter proved to be the best, of course the right person also contributes to my best)

Finally, on Monday and Tuesday evenings, a quick and positive moment, dry mouth and visual effects. On other days, I'm a little quick, anxious and other visual effects weaker. I wonder if this is really HPPD and whether this will diminish or worsen over time! I have already done some blood tests and other things marked, I look forward to your results. At first one of the exams is ophthalmologic, which accuses suspicion of glaucoma. In this I need to do some more to confirm, but the big question is that I am sensitive to light, perhaps due to HDDP or the possible bad thing that affects me, because I have a history of this disease in my family. Would that influence the diagnosis?

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