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Hey guys as you know I've just started on here so im not really too sure how it all works yet but anyway this is my story,

Strangely enough im 90% sure i developed hppd from an E containing MDMA and many other unknown adulterants no doubt and this is when i first started noticing symptoms but at the time had no idea what this was it started when the morning after eating that pill i thought there was "sandflies" in the air it was thick with what i know now to be visual snow and other small visual effects but i somehow ignored that being an everyday pot smoker and went about my business as the time progressed i started taking mushrooms a few times and prodominately acid use which as i realise now worsened the symptoms to a point where they could no longer be ignored afterimages, visual snow tracers light sensitivity,and patterns used to crawl my walls in the most vibrant of purple hues blues and yellows this was all just getting worse and worse and started to really worry me so just recently i have decided to stop dosing stop smoking and stop drinking which 5 days into sober reality seems to be helping greatly with managing myself, but the strangest of all things is now im sobre i can control these to a degree and as for the wall patterns there less pronounced but i can literally bring forth the patterns and change the colour and sometimes the speed in which they flicker, so what i really want to know has anyone else been able to control these patterns before? I can absolutely 100% change their colour at will and the intensity in which i view them sorry if this was poorly structured but im in a rush and just wanted to get this out here and feedback would be great thanks alot

peace n love

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As far as Im aware so far no significant DP/DR but i havn't been abstaining from drinking smoking dosing as i should have been this has been my first real shot at it and i know they say you can't say you have HPPD without being sober for months but when theres patterns crawling up the walls and afterimages that last substantial amounts of time with visual snow and the rest you just know that it is what it is, only thing thats hard is I will have to detach myself from my current group of friends exetera because I've only just turned 18 and as you would know its quite difficult at my age to stay away from EVERYTHING even a couple of beers significantly increases my visuals :(. Thanks for the reply Boogres :)


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