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Its been a little over two weeks for me since ive not really felt the same after my bad trip. I had slight visuals.. slight dp, vivid dreams and anxiety. the anxiety only came when I would send my self into a hole of thinking about the thousands of horror stories that come with taking lsd of psychosis never coming back etc, also when thinking about the guilt and embarrassment I felt for not being as stable as I knew I was. Also the reason for my bad trip was because I went to go see my friends and did lsd without telling my girlfriend and I was gonna keep it on the low. When she texted me saying when you coming back I miss you,,, thousands of thoughts of guilt ran through my head and another thousand of holy shit I'm on this drug idk when I'm coming off.. and as you all know lsd has the ability to make your thoughts have 10x more impact on you so boom bad trip. I talked to her about it and that sorta made some of the feelings I was having go away. I put down all alc weed and anything that altered my state of mind for it didn't help at all weed brought the trip back and that's not what I wanted.

After that i was dealing with the self induced stress of "did I give my self a mental disorder" 'am I going crazy" "am I going to have to be checked into a hospital and be one of the stories for my friends saying..yeah remember that guys.. took too much sid now he's all f**d up". I got over all that when I called my doctor and they said I was fine. I wasn't going crazy I was just sending myself into panic. This did help but not completely. The vivid dreams were a reminder of me not being right for they were strange and woke up feeling the same way.

Things have got a little better because of what I have realized about what happened and maybe it can help you too.. one time I got a full body massage and I felt almost as if I was cured,, so cured that my dumb ass was like yay I can smoke weed again... Nope made the trippy feelings come back and I was like okay no more weed and I was back dealing with the same stuff. Also I would often get really tired when driving.. warm showers with water over my head and neck helped.. and also there was times where I would wake up as if my neck were asleep.. kind like when you lay on your hand for too long and feel the blood rush back into it.. I realized what was one of the causes to my problem. when I was laying down I was getting sleepy out of nowhere again. I realized the position on my neck. Now I play independent baseball and I heavy lift often including dead lifts witch require you to pinch your scalps together hard including other work outs on top of that. I began to message my shoulders and neck  with a baseball for the deep tissue  and immediately started to feel better. my visuals were disappearing and my mood was getting better. I found all kinds of knots in there and releasing them felt so good. as I continued up my neck I realized that these knots continued into my scalp and I began to rub those out with my fingers and they were also connected to knots in my temple and those knots continued all the way to my forehead and face! even  by my mouth and eyes! I realized that my whole head was in this kind of cramp and messaging them out made things feel better. I did go to school for kinesiology and understand that in our everyday lives we are slaves to  things like driving and typing, also on top of everyday stress this triangle (base of shoulders face and neck) all respond to stress unconsciously and tighten or shorten. for me I had a bad trip plus the stress of being "broken" mentally was the worse stress I've ever been in in my life, causing all kinds of muscles tighten up around my whole body. This could be the cause for tinnitus for the tightness of the surrounding muscles of the ears and even the tmj by your jaw. the tightness around your eyes could def not help with your visual perception and the stiff neck and scalp muscles can restrict blood flow to the brain causing all kinds of problems. I'm not saying this is the cure or cause for everyone but maybe this could help some of you out there. Try full body deep tissue massages and I'm looking into trying acupuncture. I may sound naïve for this for some of you may have already tried this, but this helped me a little. my everyday is a little better and now all I gotta kick is the vivid dreams. I hope this can help, God Bless, -TheArtist


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