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5+5mg klono for 2,3 weeks can cure hppd....... some experience with similar dose?

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Hi, my name is Manuel, i come from Italy and i'm 21.Since 4 years ihave hppd, but i was informeted thet this thing is a really phatology 2 months ago.

this years were for me a terrible hell but now i have a little bit more hope :-) today are 2 weeks that i take clonazepam (first 2mg, now 3mg/day) and with 3mg day i feel quiet good. but....... i heard that a girl in Italy with hppd was totally cured with a therapy of 5+5 mg clonazepam for 2 weeks?

someone of you probed something similar? i think but if that cure is possible, the person must be not to familiarzated with the klono...........

other important question, i read on the web that when i take klono 2,3 mg/day for 2 months than for other months i feel good without take it .........is true or bullshit?

please help me, anyone that know something of this things say me what he know.........please, and i thank you all so much :-)


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Hi, that girl wasn't cured from klonopin, it just masks your symptoms like pain killers do after an injury. The problem is klonopin works great but after taking it for a while you build a tolerance and eventually it stops working.

This is the hardest drug I've ever had to try to quit taking, please take the lowest amount possible. Even 2 mg. is a big dose, it's equal to 40 mg. of valium.

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