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Yes, Sinemet works!


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I read that some start talking about Sinemet as a placebo. Now Sinemet has been showen to work in a way that was more then the researchers could think. I got a mail from David for some time ago and he said he was stunned about the results. It does not work for everyone, the researchers aknowledge this.

Now i am on other meds but i can vouch that Sinemet turned me back in time to pre-HPPD.

I do not visit this board fore the sole reason that im full with life and busy with living. I produce music, have an online project and will also studying music with start this fall. Besides that i work with starting my life again. The last one is hard, i still feel like 21 when i got this.

I just wanna ensure that this is no placebo. However, it does not work for everyone and additionall medical therapy might be needed to get you 100% there. Visual however said that Sinemet made him 75% better on sinemet alone.

It might not work for every individual but do not be hasty to call it another placebo.

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Sinemet is my last solid hope! I must admit I am kind of scared to try it in case it doesn't work as seeing your posts about it have given me a hope that I have not had in a long time. So if I try it and it doesn't work than I fear I am going to be a mess emotionally. Which drug did you guys get hppd from and what are your main symptoms?

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I got sick from chemical poisoning in a building (not a drug). Symptoms included: fuzzy/blurry vision, poor depth perception, poor contrast, night vision problems, dull color perception, bowed walls, movement of stationary objects, anxiety, depression, brain fog and various executive system malfunctions, tinnitis, peripheral nerve damage, reduced coordination, motion latency (seeing in frames and like being drunk), loss of sexual function, reduced sense of taste and smell, DR, ...

Leefulford, the symptoms that Sinemet helps seem to fall in a couple categories. Don't worry about hopes being dashed. It can be a very subtle med or it can be dramatic if you have a high need in dopamine circuits. Just be calm and keep the mindset, 'what the heck, there is little to loose' ... you don't need to set yourself up for disappointment ... that can be hard to do sometimes but if you've had this for a long time, you know the ropes.

What are your symptoms?

How long have you suffered?

What have you tried?

The answer to these questions may help gaining understanding of what you might expect.

Lundgren, if you were to put a % on how Sinemet helps you, what would you estimate? (and yes, you are also taking other stuff)

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