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CBD (cannabidiol)


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I can't remember if I made a topic on this board or the old board (or if it was someone else altogether, thanks benzos, thanks for the memories, even though they weren't so there, lol bad joke) anyway.

CBD is known for it's anti-anxiety properties, yet there is no products yet that are just CBD, the closest thing you can get is a really low strain of THC and high content of CBD.

Who here smokes cannabis without much of a problem? I smoked about a year back to see how it would effect my symptoms, it caused a 3 day hangover and was probably up in the top 5 scariest (if not number 1) things to ever happen in my life, the physical sensations caused a strong panic attack. This wasn't even strong from what other people told me too.

So I'm guessing the only way to test the CBD theory is to find a strain with really low THC and high CBD, if thats even very possible. It would be nice if they would make cannabidiol extracts or something. I wish I could still smoke, not to get the trippy feeling, that was too overwhelming and would lead to panic attacks anyway, but it was relaxing, if there was a strain without the high (trippiness, I have nothing against being high but the last time I smoked I was tripping harder than I would from mushrooms) that could reduce the anxiety and help me sleep would be great! Anything non benzo or equivalent side effect and dependance would be nice anyway.

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I smoked some weeks ago, and I had a pleasant day-after feeling fresh. I won`t do it again for a long time anyway.

Do you know what strain it was? It's interesting that you felt good afterwards.

It seems like the strain "strawberry cough" was designed for anxiety/depression/paranoia, it's supposed to be a relaxing high with no paranoia. I wouldn't have a clue how to get this, I would like to try it though as I reckon there may be some benefit from it (temporarily anyway, sleep aid, anti-anxiety and recreational value would be nice).

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