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Is this HPPD


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Hey guys, so the other night before going to bed I notiiced this strange thing where when I started at a dark spot in my room, the entire room began to warp and breathe just like it did when I did 25i NBOMe. I've done 25i four times and LSD once, do you think this is what caused this? 

I deal with absolutely no visual disturbances during the day, nor any when I'm driving at night. I don't really notice it unless I focus really hard in a dark area. 

The thing I am worried about is the possibility that I have HPPD and this is why I cannot succesfully manage and control my anxiety/derealization and depersonalization. I've been getting really bad headaches and heavy brain pressure symptoms as of late and I am wondering if this is connect to my HPPD or the thought process that I ruined my life for doing psychedelic substances.

Also, when I close my eyes, I can see a bunch of miniscule colored dots with a black background, is this common?

I sometimes feel really out of it, but this could also just be attributed to high levels of anxiety over a period of time. I also smoke weed fairly regulary and this doesn't seem to make the symptoms worse. Also, I'm on 200 mg of Zoloft to treat my anxiety/depression. If this is HPPD, I'll highly consider the Keppra medication since it seems to be really effective in treating the symptoms of the disorder.

I'd  love any input you guys have regarding this matter. Much love <3

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