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So Idk if anyone Remebers me but I was freaking out about possible hppd the past couple months. Lucky for me I only got Visual snow and homestly not strating to bother me anymore. My last LSD trip was last augest and my last time smoking weed was in march. My anxiety has died down almost completly besides the lightheaded part but that's getting better to. If anyone is looking for some good OTC vitamins that can help with anxiety take a look into SAM-E, I was talking to a guy over Xbox live and he went through everything o was going through drug wise and he said SAM-E changed his life so I gave it a try. Id say 11 days later my anxiety was almost gone. Idk if it's a placebo effect or not... lol it's working. Hopefully the visual static will go away one to but my biggest fear is it worsen. Do you guys think it will get worse over time?

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