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This drug looks interesting

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Don't get excited because it is only in phase 2 of it's trial, so it probably won't be out for a long time. Just reading about some of it's research is rather interesting. The drug it's self is "YKP3089" it is said to help with epilepsy and anxiety. The particular epilepsy is interesting, photosensitive epilepsy, so it has a link to vision (I'm sure plenty here suffer from photosensitivity) I also think there is a link to what we are expiriencing to epilepsy.

Anyway I'll keep it short, it's mechanism of action is the antagonism of the 5HT2a(which is where I think the symptoms may stem from) 5HT2c, D3 and D2 receptors (the dopamine theory is also something that has been of interest in regards to this condition)

You can find some information here:



I'm not well versed in neurobiology but have somewhat of an understanding, I just thought this may be interesting to share so maybe someone else who is clued up could see whether there may be benefit from said drug.

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