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Bob Dobalina

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Hi everyone, I found you after many years.

i have been diagnosed with PTSD lately, someone under my management died and I can't put it it it's place after many years. My councillor  asked if I knew what hyperawarness was, I said 'no, but I have it', he was confused. I told him how many doors were in the corridor outside, about five other things and that he'd had his hair cut. i found an old thread on here about it and have been reading, this is my last night smoking weed, yeah I  lied to my councillor. Now I've  read of the other symptoms I have realised I have it pretty bad, I have ten weeks of seeing him left, so I need to get my running shoes on. I have to,stop trolling on YouTube and read about people who are going through the same thing, I'd never realised I had a problem. I'm having trouble thinking it's a problem to tell you the truth, you should be aware of your surroundings and not like most people think that when they close a door, everyone vanishes because it's all about them. I don't want to be like that, I like caring and I don't like being had over. But I'm going to pull the stops out and sort this crap,out once and for all, I need a break from me. I hate,contradiction but I'm the worst person at it. 

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