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Crowdfund for a HPPD&VS website. Please support!


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Hello fellows,
I am starting construction of a new website about Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder and Visual Snow. Having this website online, will bring a lot of opportunities in terms of spreading awareness, working towards the future research and making associations with other institutions, doctors and scientists. There are few of us behind this project - it is not a one man operation, so we have good chances of succeeding. The website will additionally serve as census and will include a map of all doctors, researchers and institutions dealing with HPPD, people affected by HPPD and VS - something that will improve our position during any dialogs between the community/foundation and other medical/governmental institutions - HPPD and VS are still considered to be extremely rare conditions - we NEED to prove them otherwise! By showing them real numbers of the occurrence of these conditions, we stand higher chances of getting governmental funds for the research. There are also plans to add certain tools to the website like scientifically designed surveys which will collect important data, from which number of candidates will be picked to participate in a reviewed study to look for any patterns and draw out certain conclusions.
I have been in this community for a while now, actively researching HPPD, pushing the community towards organisation of our work force and trying to come up with different treatment and research ideas and so on - if you are not sure of my credibility - feel free to ask Jay the forum's admin/moderator about me. 
I would like to ask you if you would consider a donation for the website. We need around 600-800 euro to have it professionaly built (the price depends on our expectations which depends on how much money can we collect). I will be conducting the work with the a professional web developing company g2team.pl myself. If we get any extra funds above that goal, even better - doing it once properly will be much better than having it done cheaply and then having it to be rewritten/rebuilt at later stage, when we want to expand the website.
Before any donations being made - all the donators would have a group skype meeting with me to answer all questions and express all doubts and also to know how much money all of us together are transfering for this cause - so everything is transparent and clear to everyone as possible. An invoice from g2team.pl will be issued, for everyone to see.
So far there is as much as 5 people donating so far including myself, we need few more.
Please contact me at hypnoticaz@wp.pl or skype: pawel.kaluza10
We are very committed to this project and we will not stop working on it until we come up with good news for HPPD and VS communities in terms of research, treatments and cure.
Please consider this post carefully,
Yours faithfully,
Pawel Kaluza
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