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Lamictal and Tegretol - a way to inhibit benzo tolerance?

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So as you all know when GABAA goes up = glutamate goes up to compensate.

For me, Lamictal dosn't do verry much to my visuals. But however klonopin does a mayor deal for my visuals. And for many other here from what i've read. 

What Lamictal and Tegretol does is that both drugs inhibit glutamate release which could be verry usefull if you use benzo because as i said when GABAA goes up = glutamate goes up. But i was thinking if you use both benzo and Lamictal and Tegretol (haven't tried Tegretol yet, but it has the same mechanism as Lamictal), you should be able to get as much GABAA in the brain as possible and knock out this compensation "system" or atleast slow it down. I see it like basicly a brake pedal for benzo tolerance as it inhibit glutamate release. 

Any thoughts on this? 

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