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Yeah I get the muscle twitching as well but only in the fingers of my right hand and mainly when I am stressed. The other problem I am having at the moment is that the sensation from both my hands and my forearms seem to blur into one numb sensation especially when I am walking. It plays hell with my anxiety attacks when you suddenly notice physical body sensations like this. I hope these symptoms will fade with time. It seems like a new symptom appears every 3 months as if it is a slow burning disease. Can neurological damage slowly get worse even after complete intoxicant cessation?

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I'm not the one to answer that as I don't know too much about neurological stuff. Have you had your hormone, vitamin and minerals in your body tested? You could have something else in addition to HPPD. I've had a lot of crazy new symptoms emerge recently and am getting tested as we speak for additional conditions. I do know that often times when the brain malfunctions it starts a domino effect where many other aspects of your body chemistry are affected as well. Just a thought...

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