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I just posted my own thread and its amazing how similar ours sound. I completely understand the sleep disorder and feelings of bipolar. Just like you said there are days where I could sleep all day, before I really started focusing on my sleep cycle there would be days where I slept for over 14 hours and then a week or maybe even a few days later I would get two hours of sleep over two nights. I have recently gotten this to somewhat go away. I have been getting to bed around 9 o clock on weeknights and for about two weeks I had an alarm set for 8 AM. Even though I didn't sleep the whole 11 hours of alotted time, it seemed to get me kind of in a sleep rhythm for the first time since I developed HPPD. The only downside is when I do end up having to stay up late for homework or other reasons, symptoms of derealization seem to get worse.

The feeling of bipolar is still a mystery to me. I can be depressed for even weeks at a time, but then just as you described it I start feeling much more energetic. Its only a matter of time until I sink back into the depressed state. It just sucks that my emotions keep going up and down. Also I was prescribed SSRIs to help with the bipolar symptoms and it made shit a lot worse for me. I'm not saying that its not worth a try just be careful if you do try meds.

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