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Benzotropine and haloperidol update

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So, 4 days now on haloperidol and benzotropine.


So far no effects positive or negative. The haloperidol did give me some mild dystonia the first couple days (might not have even been dystonia because over the weekend I rucked quite a distance with a good amount of weight). Only other effect it has is some heavy sedation that lasts all day (probably because haloperidol has a half life between 14 and 27 hours and it absolutely zaps your dopamine).


For dosage, I'm finishing up 1.25mg haloperidol and will now be going up to 2.5mg haloperidol (taper up by 50% every 4 days until the target dose of 5mg is reached, though I may go to 10mg).


I'll post an update in a week or so when I should be at 5mg haloperidol daily.

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