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Discussion/warning regarding benzodiazapine analogs (etizolam etc.)

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Hi guys, just wanted to warn you all about benzo analogs and my recent experiences. Over the weekend just gone i took 2 different types of benzo analog, the kind you can still currently buy on the internet legally in the UK as a 'research chemical' as I was having trouble sleeping and my housemate sells about 4 different kinds so I just bought 1 or 2 each night for 3 days running. Come Monday my visuals are the worst they have been in a very long time. Having spoken to the same housemate, who has quite a heavy addiction to these things, the withdrawals from these benzos are far trippier than any trip he has ever taken. Dark too. They're also, obviously, heavily addictive. I think my worsening visuals and spike in anxiety are most likely down to slight withdrawal from these things, this is worse than a few days on proper benzos. I'm hoping they will just go in a day or so and I will be back to.. normal? :P

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