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Any cures for tinnitus?


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It's getting worse now it's really affecting my sleep. It feels like my tinnitus is coming right from the middle of my head rather than my ears. I get it really bad anytime I am in silence especially when I am trying to get to sleep. Anyone know of anything that can help?

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I saw an informercial last night for some sort of medication that supposedly helps Tinnitus and after a quick Google search it seems there's quite a few out there. Not sure what's best but if you need relief for only Tinnitus I think you could be in luck. You'll probably just have to sift through a few until you find something that works for you. 

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How does drinking affect you?  When I had severe tinnitus early on, drinking helped reduce that and most of my symptoms.  You may think that's bad advice, but if I now understand why drinking was helpful, it could be because alcohol is a GABA(A) receptor positive allosteric modulator.  It functions to enhance GABA while also inhibiting glutamate.  Do a search on "GABAA receptor positive allosteric modulator"

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