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Luxury HPPD problem?


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So i have been eating a low carb diet for some time now. I believe its 5 years (time flies). Recently though, i have starting to eat a cold potato every night before sleep. The reason is why there is a lot of tryptophan in meet and the dairy product, it does not get transported to the brain without starch.

Potato is rich in 5-htp and consists of starch so for someone who hase been eating nothing from the starch-family, a potato is a relative big amount of 5-htp added. It feels like a pill really.

Anyway, i started the low carb diet because i read that is was good for people with epilepsia. It helped me out a lot with my symptoms, My idea is that not enough 5-htp entered the damaged receptors (as well as the healty ones) that the symptoms greatly decreased in strength. Going ful ketogenic, meaning not even eating veggies gave me almost full relief, of course side by side with the meds. But my theory of not using 5-htp for fuel but instead using ketones greatly bypassed the damaged "whatever-i-is" mechanism. Most of us cannot tolerate SSRI so if you found it difficult to accept or comprehend what i am talking about that might get you an idea.

So the potato then, why take it when it increases your visual symptoms? Well, it greatly reduces my dp/dr. And its kinda sad because it makes me feel that i am missing something, a very important neurotransmitter to feel whole. At the same time my visuals are kinda bad and I relapsed for the first time in about 7 years.

I went on a spree of cough syrup, N2O, and a fentanyl drug. Basically because i "forgot" the feeling of being ill. And this sorta scares me. While the nitrous oxide might not be the worst it is a dissociative and an extensive use might well....I dont know. And whats next, ketamine? I mean, when the dpr/dr goes away I am still the popp-whatever animal in my person. At the same time i feel more alive sober. I am not afraid of the drugs but I am afraid that I will sometime in the moment take the "bad" drug and put myself in limbo for good. Its really disturbing, the Merkan without 5-htp with low carb and meds is a functional guy. The Merkan with 5--htp is impulsive but more alive but probably a hasard to himself.

I am just writing my thoughts but any advice would be appriciated. Well, except dont do drugs, I now that. Now that but one of these two persons has a future. Which one to pursue isnt the easiest.

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The only food that affects me is corn ... and then only eating a bunch of corn chips.  Apparently because corn is COX2 inflammatory.  Visually, more blurry (less sharp), more 'whiteout' effect.  If skin has insect bite, it will be more itchy.  Sometimes emotions more 'moody'


Wonder how you 'feel' in time taking TC?


Not sure if understand your post correctly.  Sounds like being responsible/functional leaves you emotionally blunted.  Whereas increasing serotonin make you more alive, albeit with more visual symptoms?  Is that what you are saying?

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Sorry for late reply. Forget what i said in the post about drugs etc. The interesting part is the serotonin. Yes, being functional leaves me somewhat blunted. I get more effective. For example i am writing my thesis right now and i cannot use just the single potato to increase my serotonin by night (that what gets me to have a good night sleep, libidio and emotions comes back). I am so calm, almost like a lithium stereotype person and just write on my theisis. Worlds passes around me and i just "meh". There are pros to this and that is I od not get any anxiety at all and no visuals to talk about.


However when i increase the serotonin by eating potato, really any food with tryptophane with starch in it would have the same effect, i feel alive, notice the world around me, connect with people, get curious as a kid etc. The "old" ADD me comes back again. But the visuals comes back intense. Dots are raining down from the sky in a vortex and i get trails long as when i got my worsening of symptoms without meds 8 years ago.


I dont know what route to take. Something in between would be optimal of course. Not sure if 5-HTP would have the same effect because by excluding starch i get in to ketosis (fat as energy instead of carbs) which has a profound effect on the brain.

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Not sure that potatoes have tryptophan or serotonin.  If I understand it, tryptophan is bound in the blood to albumin.  Then when you eat carbs, it changes the amino acid ratios, causing tryptophan to release into the brain making serotonin mediated satiation.


Ironically, potatoes do have expression of human dopamine receptors, lol - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC549537/pdf/1471-2229-5-1.pdf


I've always found potatoes to be an agreeable food - lasting satiation when eating baked, boiled, or mashed.  (Hard to resist the chips though don't feel so well with them.)  Have never had negative HPPD type stuff from them.


Are you still mainly doing ketosis?  If so, could it be the switch out of ketosis?

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