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Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep made symptoms worse


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Seems to me every time I post saying something does or does not work for me or does or doesn't affect me I am proven wrong. Recently I commented on someone's post saying anxiety and lack of sleep hasn't hurt my symptoms but I again was proven wrong. Over the last three months I've been anxious and have had all kinds of trouble sleeping. In the last month and a half I hardly slept over five hours a night and never without waking. I finally hit a breaking point about a week ago and have slept well since and also eliminated anxiety and have noticed a pretty substantial improvement in my symptoms ever since. My snow is better, my streamers have significantly improved and my overall clarity of vision seems to be worlds different. 


Anyway, just wanted to post this as evidence that sleep and anxiety do matter -- at least for me and many others -- and that if you want to improve your HPPD it would be wise to eliminate any stress whatsoever from your life and to sleep a healthy 6-8 hours per night. Also, I've been exercising virtually every day for the last four months and that has undoubtedly helped as well. 

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