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headpressure = akathisia


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Finally find out the root of all my headache pressure problems.. And why they have had different character throughout the course of my HPPD period.. I have akathisia.. Inner restlessnesss that has to take itself out somehow in my body.. It takes itself out on my head when i tense my jaw, perticulary the chin area.. Thats why moving my legs, or clenching my hands made it all better..

I wonder though if its a product of HPPD or if its still from when i was treated with antipsychotics when i first got HPPD..

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I have a problem with teeth clenching too and my GP said my teeth are grounded down way too much for someone my age (22). I like to think it's because I have problems with controlling my emotions and when I become somewhat agnry or agitated the first thing I do is clench my teeth. It's hard to control it when it's a type of subconcsious reflex.

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