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Light sensitivity!!!

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I'm sure it has been brought up many times but for anyone out there with some improvement of photophobia, can you provide me with tips???

I'm now just under a year in with constant headache, severe photophobia that immediately worsens the pain, worsening afterimages, etc. It seemed to start soon after weed and stress.

Been in Paxil for many many years. Want to come off it but scared to. Doc started me on nortriptyline to try and address the headaches. I'm certain that the headaches are a direct response to light sensitivity.

Any stories of light sensitivity improving???

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Had mild photophobia that dopamine meds helped.


Had pain from movement in the peripheral field (yea, that is a strange one) that gabapentin helped.  It is gone now after several years.  It was so weird, just wiggle a finger at the edge of visual field and it would cause a sickening pain similar to tooth pain.

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Did you have headaches?


I'm considering trying Gabapentin or possible Trileptal. Started nortriptyline (doesn't have any dopamine effect though). Considering coming off Paxil. I've essentially been diagnosed with new daily persistent headache which has no cure and is generally regarded as permanent. My symptoms onset soon after some sort of viral infection (but also within a month or so of last smoking weed-after which time, I had a migraine).

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